Food for Thought: The Tide is Turning Against Fossil Fuels

Investors are moving away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy investments.

  Food for Thought is a new series of blogs written by Green America President/CEO Alisa Gravitz discussing trending green economy topics, innovative ideas in the environmental sphere, and more. Two articles I  read this summer show major shifts in the investor world against fossil fuels and for renewable energy. The first is a momentous article published in July in The Telegraph. […]

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Break Up With Your Bank

Community Investing Guide

As protestors continue to occupy Wall Street and consumers across the country are increasingly outraged by the abusive practices of mega-banks, Green America is urging Americans to “break up” with their mega-banks and, instead, shift their money to community investing institutions nationwide. The latest outrageous mega-bank gouging of consumers: the rise of the $5 monthly debit card fee at Bank […]

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