5 Ways to Go Fair Trade for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, many of us will take a moment before our meal to consider all the human connections involved in assembling the holiday. Maybe your cranberries, or potatoes, or turkey came from a farmer you know at your local market, or maybe you traveled to a locally owned pumpkin patch to pick the perfect main ingredient for your pie. For other ingredients that aren’t so easy to find locally, there are often Fair Trade options that you can choose. The Fair Trade premium associated with these products helps producers build a better life for their families and communities. The first Fair Trade products to be certified in the US — coffee, tea, and chocolate — are getting  easier to find, even in conventional grocery stores. If you don’t see them, please ask for them. Below, please find links to companies in our Green Business Network™ who supply some harder-to-find Fair Trade products. Look for additional green and Fair Trade options at our Green Pages online. 1. Spices This past September, Frontier Natural Products Co-op greatly expanded its offering of Fair Trade spices. In addition to the vanilla (beans and extract) already available, Frontier worked closely with Sri Lankan growers to add whole cloves, ginger root powder, cinnamon sticks and powder, whole black peppercorns, ground white and black pepper, ground nutmeg, and ground turmeric root. 2. Olive oil Two companies in our business network offer Fair Trade olive oil from the […]

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Clean and Green: Herban Lifestyle


Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC, Mary Kearns’ business calls one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation home. But with easy access to the Shenandoah Mountains in the opposite direction, she’s not that far from rural America as well. That’s sort of the balance she sought to build into the name of her business. […]

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