Progress in the Fight against Payday Loans

Across the country, countless Americans have trouble making payments on housing, auto loans, and healthcare, as well as affording food and other basic necessities. Many people throughout the country are strapped for cash, and the payday loan industry is devouring what little savings they have left. Although they’re advertised almost anywhere you go, most people don’t know how payday loans work. When someone needs cash to pay a bill or cover an unforeseen expense, a lender can give them the funds they need to meet their obligations. As with most loans, borrowers will pay back the amount they received plus interest. The caveat with payday loans, however, is that the interest rates applied are absurdly high; often as much as 200-300%. Very few borrowers seem to appreciate the gravity of an interest rate that high – and even those who do often feel they have no other recourse. By the time the payment on a loan is due, the added interest typically exceeds the balance of the borrower’s account; they now have no money in the bank, which is the reason the loan was taken out in the first place. By handing out more cash to cover the original debt plus late and overdraft fees, payday lenders continue to rope in long-term customers. These small, yet high-interest payday loans, or “deposit advances,” as big banks have come to call them, trap consumers in a perpetual cycle of debt that is […]

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