Fair Trade Footwear and Fashion

NEW Fair Trade rubber rain boots

Think you can’t find Fair Trade footwear? Think again. From the Fair Trade latex in the soles of these sneakers, to the sustainably harvested organic cotton uppers, to the final fair-wage manufacturing facility in Pakistan, Autonomie Fair Trade sneakers are a model of fair sourcing.

“Social entrepreneurship has been a passion of mine since my senior year of college,” says Autonomie founder Anne O’Laughlin. “I received a grant from my university to conduct field research in Taiwan on sweatshops and migrant labor issues. This opportunity of getting to personally meet workers that produce our garments; to hear their stories; to befriend them; and to witness upfront their daily struggles triggered my desire to pursue a career in social justice and do whatever I could that would bring them better working conditions and a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.”

We asked Anne to tell us more about the Fair Trade products in Autonomie’s line… not just sneakers, but also children’s clothing, flip-flops, and new this spring Fair Trade rain boots made from Fair Trade rubber.

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