The Gifts I’m Sharing With My Relatives and Friends This Holiday Season


On my vacation this year from my work as Green America’s online editor and coordinator of our People & Planet Award for green businesses, I had the good fortune to visit the headquarters of Canaan Fair Trade, and spend a week harvesting olives with the Fair Trade cooperatives organized in around the city of Jenin in the Palestinian territories. Canaan […]

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Local and Organic in Up-State NY (March green-biz interview)

For Erick Smith and Cayuga Pure Organics, it’s important for food to be BOTH organic AND local. Smith points out that while organic products have many pluses for your health and for the environment, most of the organic dry beans in the US were actually grown in China, and incorporate a huge carbon footprint. “Ultimately it is up to consumer to be as sure as possible that they know the connection between the farm and the organic label on the food they buy,” says Smith, whose farm in upstate New York supplies organic beans and grains to the New England area and elsewhere, via online sales. We asked Erick to tell us more about his increasing use of renewable energy, the goal of getting more young people invested in local agriculture, and how a commitment to keep GMOs out of his food supply creates a packaging conundrum…

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