GreenChoice Bank (our February green-biz interview)

The Green Exchange headquarters, slated to become the first LEED Platinum community bank location in the Midwest

When you make a deposit with your bank, your money doesn’t just sit there. The bank invests your money as they see fit, primarily by making loans, but the decisions on how to invest your money, with whom, and for what purpose, are made by each bank.

“GreenChoice Bank invests its customers’ deposits back into the local and sustainable business community, to support entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and to fund sustainable construction projects,” says Steve Sherman, chief operating officer of GreenChoice Bank. GreenChoice Bank is one of many community banking options that can help you steer your money toward projects you believe in.

We asked Steve to tell us more about GreenChioce’s LEED-certified buildings, 100-percent recycled debit cards, and how a Bank-of-America-takeover inspired his move toward a greener career choice…