Senate Bill to Revive Keystone XL Pipeline Introduced

Barely three weeks after the Administration decided to seek additional study on the Keystone XL oil pipeline, rather than approve the project, Senate Republicans introduced a bill to try to force the President’s hand. On November 30, 2011, Richard Lugar (R-IN) led an effort with 37 other Senators to require the Administration to either approve the pipeline within 60 days or determine that it is not in the national interest. If constructed, the pipeline would transport crude oil fromAlberta,Canadato theTexasGulfCoast. Extracting and refining oil from the Canadian tar sands is considered the most polluting and carbon intensive oil process on the planet. The President and the State Department concluded on November 10 that the environmental consequences of the pipeline’s route warrant greater study. The State Department also noted that in addition to concerns about specific routes for the pipeline, attention should be paid to the project’s implications for climate change.  Green America welcomed the decision to postpone action on the pipeline and continues to press for the cancellation of this massive fossil fuel project. Any environmental report, conducted with integrity, will identify major reasons to abandon the project. Supporters of the new bill are trying to extract a political cost from the Administration for not moving ahead with the pipeline immediately. In particular, they emphasize the need for job creation. Green America urges everyone concerned about the relationship between this pipeline and US job creation and retention to read the […]

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Encircling the White House & Standing Against Keystone XL

KeystoneXL 008

This afternoon, I joined Green Festival regional director Alix Davidson and Green America policy director Fran Teplitz at Lafayette Park, two blocks away from Green America’s offices, and directly in front of the White House, for today’s day of action against the Keystone XL Pipeline. At the rally before the action, inspirational speakers like Rev. Lennox Yearwood and Tom Poor […]

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