Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014 Introduced by Reps Lofgren & Matsui

Today, US Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Doris Matsui, along with 15 original co-sponsors, introduced the Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014. The bill is now before the House of Representatives, and not a moment too soon. The Clean Energy Victory Bonds Act of 2014, or CEVB for short, is modeled after one of the most successful fundraising efforts in US history. In World War II, millions of Americans purchased over $185 billion (over $2 trillion in today’s dollars) worth of Victory Bonds issued by the United States Treasury, in order to fund the war effort. The bonds allowed citizens to invest directly in the materials and technologies needed to achieve victory in one of the most destructive wars in human history. Today, however, we face different problems – a rapidly changing climate, rising sea levels, and more intense weather events like Hurricane Sandy put our infrastructure and economy at risk. Our outdated energy systems continue to inefficiently burn fossil fuels, and the extraction of these fuels continues to degrade ecosystems across the planet. Renewable energy and energy efficient technologies are a promising solution to these crises, but a lack of funding makes them unappealing to industrial-scale investors. The United States also risks losing its position as a clean energy leader.  China, Germany and other nations are outspending the US in the clean energy race and are already seeing the benefits of increased jobs and plentiful clean energy. Clean Energy […]

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Energy Efficiency Contest: Coming Soon

In partnership with our allies at Consumer’s Union, the publishers of Consumer Reports magazine, we’re excited to announce our new energy-efficiency contest! To make energy-efficiency fun and help parents raise the next generation of energy-conscious Green Americans, we’re launching “America’s Cutest Lil’ Energy Savers,” a video contest all about sharing the best ways households can save energy (and money!). You could win $250 (first prize) or $100 (runner-up), and the first 100 entrants will receive an energy-efficient lightbulb. Check out our short, sample video: Start planning now for what kind of video you’d like to make. We’ll be accepting submissions between October 1 and October 15 (see official rules here). On September 29 and 30, at our Washington, DC Green Festival we’ll have a video camera set up in the Green Kids’ Zone at 3PM on Saturday and Sunday for Green Festival attendees to film their entries. Stop by the booth for your chance to enter the contest, and to win prizes for your kids from these members of our Green Business Network®: North Star Toys, Reach and Teach, Syracuse Cultural Workers, and Taraluna. To spark your creativity, check out our list of ten easy ways to cut your electricity bills in half. Grab your video camera, get your kids excited about saving energy, and enter our contest.

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Get Some Sun: Our August Interview with REpower Solutions


Erika Weliczko’s REpower Solutions stays true to its name. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to clean wind power or solar power, or to target energy-efficiency as a first step before investing in renewables, Weliczko has a solution for you. Her company’s energy audits help you locate and eliminate wasted energy, target the worst energy-hogging appliances in your home, and verify […]

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