Meet Green America Leaders: Rachel & Adam


Why Rachel Strasz and Adam Schofield have been Green America Leadership Supporters since 2000.  Rachel Strasz and Adam Schofield have composted their household organic waste for more years than they can count. When they moved to Vashon Island, WA, from Scotland in 2015, they were surprised that even though the island belonged to the same county as Seattle, the city […]

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GREEN YOUR SCHOOL: Project Compost, University of California—Davis


As students start getting ready to go back to school, some of them are also getting ready to embark upon a new year of greening their campuses. Green America editorial fellow Sari Amiel discovered five inspiring examples of how students are making their campuses more socially just and environmentally sustainable. Every Monday and Wednesday from August 14th through August 27th, we’ll post one […]

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