Buy coffee AND fight climate change (with carrots, not sticks?) Yes, we can!


Guest post by Carrotmob Founder Brent Schulkin. Carrotmob is a new way for people to influence businesses to make them more sustainable. Instead of organizing boycotts, we offer to spend money as a group to support a business if the business agrees to make an improvement that we care about. Everyone wins – businesses get money and we achieve unprecedented social […]

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Changes in the world of Fair Trade Labeling: What’s a Green Consumer to do?

Fair Trade USA's new label

On September 15, Fair Trade USA (FTUSA), the United States’ labeling body for fair trade certified products announced that it would be leaving Fairtrade International (FLO), the international fair trade system.  Previously, certification for fair trade has always happened under FLO, which includes a network of 19 national labeling initiatives around the world Fair Trade USA cites several reasons for this […]

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