Stop the Sneaky Biotech Rider!

Adapted from a post by Green America’s Shireen Karimi, on behalf of our GMO Inside program: The Senate and House of Representatives are voting soon on legislation into which biotech companies (think Monsanto) have snuck a provision ending judicial oversight of plants, including the regulation of genetically engineered (GE) crops. Called the “Farmer Assurance Provision” as though it will help farmers and those growing our food, this provision strips the rights of federal courts to halt the sale and planting of genetically engineered crops during the legal appeals process.  Once again, Monsanto and the biotech industry are working behind closed doors to undermine our rights and our judicial system. This time they’ve gone too far! The Senate is voting today and the House is expected to vote within the next couple days.  Please call your legislators, and ask them to oppose this provision! Please call your senator NOW and stop the biotech rider! Sample text: “I am a constituent and asking Senator  _____ to oppose the biotech rider, section 735, in the Senate Continuing Resolution of H.R. 933.” If it goes through the Senate, then it will enter another round in the House.  Therefore, you can also call your House representative and stop the biotech rider.

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