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March to Save Blair Mountain

In 1921, more than 10,000 West Virginia coal miners marched over Blair Mountain, in Logan County, WV, protesting unsafe working conditions in the mines, and with the intention of rescuing illegally imprisoned mine workers in Mingo County, on the Kentucky border. The marchers were met on the mountain by heavily armed anti-union coal-company thugs, and the result was the bloodiest […]

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Take Action to Limit Mercury Pollution

The most recent data from the Environmental Protection Agency reveals that from 1999 to 2005, mercury emissions from power plants increased more than 8 percent. That’s after several years of foot-dragging by the Bush administration, followed by a court ruling actually ordering the EPA to come up with new rules around mercury. Still, as usual, the coal industry is fighting […]

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Fair Trade Footwear and Fashion

NEW Fair Trade rubber rain boots

Think you can’t find Fair Trade footwear? Think again. From the Fair Trade latex in the soles of these sneakers, to the sustainably harvested organic cotton uppers, to the final fair-wage manufacturing facility in Pakistan, Autonomie Fair Trade sneakers are a model of fair sourcing. “Social entrepreneurship has been a passion of mine since my senior year of college,” says […]

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Big Plastic Sues ChicoBag

You know ChicoBag, right? They’re the company that makes the reusable bags that fold up so tiny you can keep them in a purse or briefcase or glove compartment. They’re being sued by three giant plastic-bag manufacturers for claiming – and this is a direct quote from the lawsuit – that reusable bags are “superior to plastic bags … with regard to environmental impact.” The lawsuit seeks to shut down all of ChicoBag’s advertising of why reusable bags represent an “alleged environmental superiority” over use-and-toss plastic bags. Unbelievable. We did a little digging and discovered that the same plastic-bag companies behind the ChicoBag lawsuit are behind an ongoing misinformation campaign in Oregon (where lawmakers are considering a state-wide plastic bag ban).  Green America’s new editorial on this topic began appearing in newspapers nationwide on May 16.   Please help us distribute it widely.

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Tell Southern Co. and Dominion Power: No New Nuclear Power!

Despite the ongoing disaster in Japan, two of the largest utilities in the United States are planning to move ahead with new nuclear reactors, adding to those they already have in service. While nuclear may be a low carbon energy source, it most definitely is not clean, yet Southern Company and Dominion are still moving ahead with plans for new nuclear plants: Southern Company plans to add two new reactors at Plant Vogtle, where there are already two nuclear plants in operation. The design of the proposed reactors has been criticized because the shield building may not be able to survive an earthquake or plane crash, which could result in a catastrophic meltdown. Dominion is planning to build a new reactor at its Lake Anna complex in Virginia. The new plant was recently delayed for 18 months so that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission could re-do seismic analysis of the reactor. Virginians are also concerned about the impact on Lake Anna of additional discharges of heated water. Nuclear power is not a safe and clean alternative to fossil fuels. Between the risks of catastrophic accidents, ongoing environmental impacts, and the fact that nuclear waste will remain radioactive for hundreds of thousands of years, nuclear power should have no role in our energy future. Take action at

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