10 Steps for Breaking Up With Your Mega-Bank

For a lot of people — those using few and simple banking services — switching banks is easy. Download our toolkit for step-by-step resources for breaking up with your mega-bank [PDF] » For others who may have multiple accounts, a number of automatic deposits or withdrawals, a mortgage, or financial life ties to a mega-bank, the break-up process might  take a little longer – but it will be WELL worth it! To avoid problems, it may be wise to maintain two accounts temporarily (your old account and your new account) until all your financial transactions, such as automatic deposits and deductions, are shifted to the new account. Click the jump to get started with the list, or download our new “Break-Up With Your Mega-Bank” kit to get even more information… 

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Break Up With Your Bank

Community Investing Guide

As protestors continue to occupy Wall Street and consumers across the country are increasingly outraged by the abusive practices of mega-banks, Green America is urging Americans to “break up” with their mega-banks and, instead, shift their money to community investing institutions nationwide. The latest outrageous mega-bank gouging of consumers: the rise of the $5 monthly debit card fee at Bank […]

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