“The Carbon Underground Report” Adds Urgency to Fossil Fuel Company Divestment and Strategies to Cut Carbon Pollution


Yesterday, Fossil Free Indexes, LLC released The Carbon Underground, a report identifying the top 100 public coal companies and the top 100 public oil and gas companies globally, ranked by the potential amount of carbon pollution represented by their fuel reserves. The report provides a much-needed update to the 2011 Unburnable Carbon report produced by the Carbon Tracker Initiative. The […]

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2014 Shareholder Season Sets Record!


The current proxy season has set a record with the filing of 417 social and environmental shareholder resolutions urging US companies to improve their policies and practices across a wide range of issues. The majority of resolutions this year focus on climate change issues and on corporate political spending. Other key issues being addressed at shareholder meetings nationally in the […]

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Shareholder Support for Social & Environmental Issues Grows

Frans graphic

Good news on the shareholder education and action front! As reported in August, shareholder votes in favor of social and environmental resolutions in the 2013 proxy season marked a ten-year high, receiving 21% support on average. These resolutions constituted a third of all the resolutions filed; the remaining two-thirds addressed corporate governance issues. The 21% support for social and environmental resolutions, […]

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2013 Spring Proxy Voting Season is Here!


Calling all shareowners! Spring is the time when the majority of shareholder meetings are held and investors need to vote on key issues facing corporate management. As an investor in direct company stock, you are a part owner of the company and have the responsibility to vote on a wide range of issues facing the company(ies) in which you invest. […]

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Growth in Socially Responsible Investing & Banking

A new report by US SIF, the association for socially responsible investment (SRI) professionals and institutions, shows that assets in SRI continue to rise in the United States. More and more investors are clearly realizing that their long-term financial well-being is best served through investments in companies that pay attention to their social and environmental impacts and that have sound corporate governance. Likewise, use of banks and credit unions dedicated to community development is also on the rise. These are great signs for moving our economy in the direction needed! The new research tracks an increase of 22% in SRI from 2009 to 2011, bringing professionally managed SRI assets to in the US to $3.74 trillion as of December 31, 2011. The findings, announced yesterday in the 2012 Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States, indicate that SRI now constitutes 11.23% of all US, professionally-managed assets. Significantly, community development banks showed an increase of 74% and community development credit unions showed an increase of 54%. If you have not yet switched to a community development bank or credit union – now is the time to join the increasing number of people using financial institutions that support people and the planet! Visit www.BreakUpWithYourMegaBank.org for tips on how to “break up” with your conventional bank and find a better bank that meets your needs while supporting communities from coast to coast. We’ve added even more banking options to […]

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Citi’s Sandy Weill Now Sees Problems with Banks Too Big to Fail

In what the Huffington Post today called “a stunning reversal,” Sandy Weill, the former Citigroup CEO, now believes that the mega-banks need to be broken-up into smaller banks for the financial system to work properly. Now that vast sums have been lost, people’s lives impoverished, and legislative efforts to better regulate banks have been weakened, Weill, the long-time champion of the “too big to fail” system says “What we should probably do is go and split up investment banking from banking, have banks be deposit takers, have banks make commercial loans and real estate loans, and have banks do something that’s not going to risk the taxpayer dollars, that’s not going to be too big to fail.” This comes years too late, of course, following economic devastation for many and ridiculous levels of wealth-building for the few. But it’s still a good time to break-up with your mega-bank if you are using one – and to switch to a community development bank or credit union. Pledge to move your money – and find new banking options – at www.BreakUpWithYourMegaBank.org  You’ll be glad you did!

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Rep. Waters Is Right: Wall St. Needs to Support Financial Reform

Following the JP Morgan debacle in which $2 billion, no wait, $3 billion has been lost due to risky bets, Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) makes the following requests of all financial industry executives in a recent blog posting: Stop undermining the Dodd-Frank legislation Stop pressuring regulators to weaken rules Publicly declare support and full funding for the SEC and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission so they can exercise needed oversight She notes that “big banks will fight against regulation, even when it is in their own best interests.” How true….and how dangerous. Leave your big bank today: www.BreakUpWithYourMegaBank.org  

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Yet Another Mega-Bank Debacle…Move Your Money Now!

The latest mega-bank debacle, JP Morgan Chase’s loss of at least $2 billion within several weeks, is yet another example of the problem with banks deemed too big to fail. The nation’s largest financial firm in terms of assets, JP Morgan has fought important banking regulation while it obviously needed tough regulation to protect investors and the health of our economy. Learn more from the Center for Responsive Politics about the bank’s lobbying sums that are in the top tier of its industry. Of course, JP Morgan happily took billions of dollars from the government – our tax payer money – when it needed a bailout. And now this?! Two lawsuits have now been filed inManhattanfederal court against the bank and CEO Jamie Dimon, one by a trust and another by an individual investor. JP Morgan Chase is one of the mega-banks featured in Green America’s Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Tool Kit – available as a free download at www.BreakUpWithYourMegaBank.org.  If you haven’t ended your unhealthy banking relationship with JP Morgan yet – now is the time! Use our website for pointers on ensuring a smooth break-up and for finding a community development bank or credit union whose values you can trust.    

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Shareowners and Diverse Stakeholders Seek Change at BofA

Today is the annual meeting of Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and it’s a lively one – inside and outside the meeting. Concerned shareholders and community groups, labor, environmental activists, foreclosure victims, and others in the 99% have been organizing to make their voices heard by corporate management and by people throughout the nation. Socially responsible shareowners are promoting shareholder resolutions addressing political spending by Bank of America as well as its mortgage lending policies. Several of the big banks face resolutions this spring on their lending policies, as Green America’s Proxy Voting Recommendations highlight. The financial crisis brought on in large part by the greed and misconduct of the mega-banks continues to threaten our nation’s economy as a whole. The role that bailed-out banks are playing continues to endanger our communities – especially low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and communities of color. The big banks’ political contributions and lobbying also continue to erode our democracy. But the public is fighting back and will do so for as long as it takes: http://youtu.be/WWp85MeqEhM    To leave your mega-bank and switch to a community development bank or credit union visit: www.BreakUpWithYourMegaBank.org  

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November 17 Day of “Occupy” Actions – Another Reminder to Break Up with Your Mega-Bank and Green Your Finances!

November 17 is a national day of action (www.november17.org) focused on the need to create an economy that works for “the 99%” of the public. Actions are taking place from coast-to-coast at bridges, parks, and local buildings to demonstrate the need to repair crumbling infrastructure, fix schools, and prevent more foreclosures. Green America supports the peaceful and creative actions that have been underway in public spaces, and we condemn the violent police actions and efforts by cities to close down “Occupy” (www.occupywallst.org) gatherings. Many of our government officials were pleased to see people power manifest in Tahrir Square…but not in New York City, Oakland, and other U.S. cities. We need to continue telling the mega-banks that we won’t be part of their greed and exploitation any longer. A great way to send this message is by breaking up with your mega-bank if you still have accounts in one – and telling the bank why. There are many community development banks that can meet your needs – while providing economic uplift to marginalized communities. It’s easy to break up with your mega-bank using Green America’s toolkit (www.greenamerica.org/go/toolkit) which includes a sample list of green banks and credit unions likely to match your values. There’s even a sample “Dear John” letter to send your mega-bank saying why the relationship is now off! If you need a financial planner or advisor to help with your overall financial life, the kit also has contact […]

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