NYC GF: Volunteers help recover 95% or more of Green Festival waste from landfill

Mackenzie Fagan sorts recyclables, compostables, and landfill material at the NYC Green Festival.

When the leader of the Weill Cornell Medical College asked for someone to organize a group of volunteers to help the New York City Green Festival stay green, Mackenzie Fagan raised her hand.  She pulled together 20 members of her campus green group to spend the day at the Green Festival, sorting waste into compostables, recyclables, and landfill waste. First, […]

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National Geographic Finds Using Recycled Paper Would Benefit the Environment


Adapted from a post written for Dead-Tree Edition by Green America’s Frank Locantore on behalf of our Better Paper Project. For more than a decade, Frank  has helped publishers switch to recycled paper, and today he explains a study commissioned by the National Geographic Society, which  found overwhelming environmental benefits to using paper containing recycled content. New Life Cycle Analysis […]

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Top Tips From Green Bloggers: How to Green your Halloween

This is a guest post compiled by Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson of Celebrate Green Summer’s long over. School is back in session. And that means Halloween is knocking at your door. We thought that in addition to reminding you to check out GreenHalloween for ideas, we’d pass on some tips from our fellow green bloggers. 1. From green blogger and independent crafter Becky Striepe, comes an idea for a simple Halloween scrap banner. And if you’re into banners, here’s a paper one we created last year. 2. Do you read Healthy Home magazine? If not, you should. You can get awesome ideas for all things healthy and green, like this BPA-free pumpkin puree that’s easier than pie to make. 3. Lots of parents today are opting out of masks and choosing face paints instead. But these can contain chemicals that you don’t want on your children’s skin. What to do? Make your own! You can check out our recipe here, and for more ideas, check out this article on Greenwala by Danika Carter, or this one from Diane MacEachern at Big Green Purse. 4. Great tips on avoiding GMO sugar this Halloween from My Healthy Green Family. 5. Emily Roach at Random Recycling loves roasting pumpkins seeds. Here’s her recipe. 6. From Robbie Schneider at Going Green Mama, what to do with that mammoth Halloween stash. 7. The Smart Mama, Jennifer Taggart, suggests using tee tree oil to keep your carved Jack-o-lantern from molding. And Danika Carter, from Your Organic Life says adding those little silica gel packets works well too. 8. And finally, […]

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Fast Company: A leader in using recycled paper

Fast Company magazine is at the forefront of business innovation and progress, so it’s no surprise that they use recycled paper – an environmentally sustainable decision that sets them apart from the majority of the magazine industry. “Fast Company: Obstacles and Opportunities” gives an in-depth look into how this magazine is leading the way in eco-friendly print publishing.  In our 3-minute video from the Better Paper Project, Fast Company’s Managing Editor, Allegra Lagani, shares how her magazine transitioned to recycled paper and improved its reputation with its readers and advertisers. In the video, Allegra comments, “Sustainability is one of the core areas that Fast Company focuses on, so in order to practice what we preach, we need to use recycled paper.” The process of switching to recycled paper taught Fast Company that the myths about recycled paper being lower quality than virgin paper are no longer true. As Allegra said, “I think a lot of the limitations are from years ago before the world of recycled paper had been explored.” If the entire North American magazine industry included a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper in their publications, we would save:     Over 10 million trees     7 billion gallons of wastewater and     Over 1.5 billion pounds of CO2 (the equivalent of removing over 160,000 cars from the road). While 97% of the magazine industry still uses virgin fiber paper, Fast Company provides progressive business leaders with engaging […]

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Tell the Airlines to Recycle Their In-Flight Waste

As we exposed in our first report on airline recycling, there’s a huge amount of trash generated each and every time we fly — more than 881 million pounds every year. That’s 9,000 tons of plastic, enough aluminum cans to build 58 Boeing 747 jets, and enough paper to cover a football field 230 meters deep. What’s worse is that our report found only about 20 percent of this waste being recycled. This work became our most-downloaded report ever, and was featured on CNN, in the Washington Post, the New York Times, and in other media outlets all over the country. It also sparked the imagination of our partners at MoxyVote (the shareholder action group), and so we’re pleased to share with you MoxyVote’s most recent action letter: a message to seven of the biggest airlines demanding policies that work toward zero in-flight waste, including 100-percent recycling, composting, and staff training in waste reduction. Sign MoxyVote & Green America’s letter » The good news is that your pressure is already working. After our successful actions in 2010 and 2011 (asking the airlines to do better, and documenting YOUR experiences with waste on your flights), we’ve heard back that the airlines’ policies on in-flight waste are changing. Right now, our corporate responsibility team is collecting data from the airlines for our follow-up 2012 report, you’ll see that there’s some good news. Some airlines made significant improvements, and told us our report […]

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Plastic Monday: The Final Post

Soap nuts!

November is over, which means Plastic Mondays have come to an end. That doesn’t mean that the Plastic Challenge is over. I plan to continue the good habits I’ve learned or reinforced during this challenge, and I’ll continue to work on getting more Stupid Plastic out of my life.  (We’ll continue to blog about plastics from time to time, too—just not […]

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Celebrate America Recycles Day!

Happy America Recycles Day! On November 15th, communities across the country are celebrating protecting our planet through recycling. Every day of the year, Green America’s Better Paper Project helps publishers use recycled paper in place of environmentally-damaging virgin paper. In this short video, you can learn about Tricycle Magazine’s green journey towards sustainable publishing. After you watch the video spread the word that recycling and buying recycled products is an easy way you can keep our planet green! Of course, Green America encourages recycling in every business and home every day, and we have great information on our website to help you with your recycling needs, including  21 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle.  Also Green America members just received their latest edition of the Green American which contains a great Q&A about recycling plastics.  Green America members also have full access to Ask Green America, which has dozens of Q&A’s on recycling (and hundreds of other topics).  We’re also updating our research on recycling in the airline industry (which we exposed as having a low rate of recycling overall), and will be issuing a follow-up to our popular report soon.  So please join Green America by recycling at home and helping us promoting recycling in the magazine, airline, and many other industries. And, please share with us your recycling stories.  What did you learn that you could recycle?  What things do you wish you could recycle but you […]

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