NYC GF: “We were inspired by the Green Festival in San Francisco.”

Chris and Misty at the NYC Green Festival, in front of their wall of socks.

When Misty and Chris Reilly decided to start their own sock business in mid-2000s, they had some very good examples to draw on.  They’d been attending the San Francisco Green Festival on the West Coast (produced annually since 2001), and had seen all of the green, sustainable, eco-friendly, and Fair Trade businesses that make up the Green Festival marketplace. “We […]

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NYC GF: “This art doesn’t speak English. It doesn’t speak French. But it asks you to think before you throw something away.”

Says Sabra, "When we unveiled it, the crowd that had gathered seemed pulled toward it, as though it were a magnet. Then, as they walked around it and looked upward watching it blowing in the wind, they gasped when they realized it was a 'plant.' They got it. It was a very emotional moment!"  (from

Sometime in 2011, the artist George Sabra was approached by a neighbor in his hometown of Austin, TX, who had been collecting unrecyclable plastic bottle caps for years.  She had more than 400 bottle caps from items like soda pop, peanut butter, and laundry detergent, made from #5 plastic, which could not be accepted at the local recycling center.  Knowing that […]

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NYC GF: “Why are we together creating a world that as individuals we would never choose?”

Frances Moore Lappe the the NYC Green Festival, April 20, 2013.

When accomplished writer and activist Frances Moore Lappe took to the stage at our NYC Green Festival, she framed her discussion as a focal shift in the primary question she asks about the world. At the beginning of her career, said Lappe, she asked herself the question, “Why hunger?,” and her pursuit of the answer resulted in her classic text:  Diet […]

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NYC GF: Green Festival Commits to Deaf Accessibility

Special thanks to all of our ASL/English interpreter volunteers at Green Festival.

Since 2006, all of Green America’s Green Festivals — in DC, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, and Seattle — have made a commitment to being as accessible as possible, which includes on-site ASL/English interpretation for our Deaf and hard-of-hearing friends.  Below, New York City interpreter Andrea Kremer  (at right, in black) interprets the “Green Your Beauty and […]

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NYC GF: Volunteers help recover 95% or more of Green Festival waste from landfill

Mackenzie Fagan sorts recyclables, compostables, and landfill material at the NYC Green Festival.

When the leader of the Weill Cornell Medical College asked for someone to organize a group of volunteers to help the New York City Green Festival stay green, Mackenzie Fagan raised her hand.  She pulled together 20 members of her campus green group to spend the day at the Green Festival, sorting waste into compostables, recyclables, and landfill waste. First, […]

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