Sustainable Businesses Take a National Stage at 2016 Green Festivals


Sustainable businesses have never been more important. Going green for businesses has the power to make massive changes in our systems –  from the old ways of consuming massive resources to new ways that address climate change and resource protection. At the Green Festival Expos, businesses come together to show the enormous capacity they have to reduce environmental and social impacts. […]

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#GreenFest: A Higher Calling for our Fair Trade Clothing Panel


When Elizabeth O’Connell, Green America’s campaigns director, invited Claire Wickland of Alta Gracia and Megan McManus of Amani DC to speak on the ethical apparel panel at the DC Green Festival, she didn’t realize one key commonality embedded in the names of their organizations.  “Alta Gracia,” it turns out, means “high grace,” in Spanish, while “Amani Ya Juu” (parent organization […]

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#GreenFest: 5 Things I Learned from “Gearin’ Up Bicycles”


At today’s DC Green Festival, Katie Lupo of Gearin’ Up Bicycles in Washington, DC came prepared with a fun game of bicycle “Jeopardy” with categories like “Bike Maintenance and Repair,” and “DC Bike Laws.”  Long-time DC bicycle commuters and newbie cyclists alike learned something new.   As a bicycle commuter for the last 10 years in DC, here were my top […]

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#GreenFest Business Snapshot: JUST Designs


Company Name: JUST Designs Mission: We’re a non-profit and in addition to paying the artisans a living wage, we have health, nutrition and finance programs in the villages we work with. We’re also Fair Trade certified. Bestseller: The hand-made bags ($30) are very popular. Personal favorite: We love the vests ($55)! We love seeing traditional textiles meet modern designs. Favorite thing about Green […]

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#GreenFest Business Snapshot: Upcycle Joy


Company Name: Upcycle Joy Bestseller: The scarves with ties and suspenders appliqued onto them ($45 – $55). How did you get started? I’ve always been a thrift shopper. Then I learned to sew and started changing my outfits. Friends asked me, ‘why don’t you sell these things?’ Personal favorite: I’ve just started making photo scarves — I’m going to start selling them soon. […]

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