7 Ways to Spread Love, Not Hate


The world sometimes feels really dark, especially when government actions feel more hateful than political, or when you see the effects of that hate ripple through your community. Some days are for rest and recharging, and other days are for action. You can fight hate with these 7 acts of love as often as you like, and nobody gets to vote […]

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Stop the Greed: Build a Green Economy for All


Business as usual is not working for people or the planet. We see climate change impacting communities and ecosystems across the globe. Income inequality is harming democracy in the US and destabilizing nations worldwide. Soil, water and human health are imperiled by factory farming and industrial agriculture. We still have not recovered from last decade’s economic crash caused by an […]

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Thousands of Petitions Delivered to Push Smithsonian Magazine onto Recycled Paper


WASHINGTON, Dec. 14, 2016 – Green America delivered a recycled “Christmas Tree” representing over 11,000 petition signatures to Smithsonian Enterprises. The petition signers called on Smithsonian to move its magazine to recycled-content paper, in order to save impacted forests and reduce landfill waste. Green America held the event yesterday on the National Mall to raise awareness of its “Practice What You […]

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Going Forward: How We Can Build the Green Economy

So...what now? 7 ways to take action

All over the United States, people are deeply concerned about what a Trump administration could mean for themselves, their families, and their communities, as well as the environment and vulnerable people worldwide. The news since the election gives cause for alarm.  President-elect Trump is planning to fill his cabinet with climate deniers, allies of big business, and anti-immigrant and anti-civil […]

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