Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference


Green America is an endorser of the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference: We know that climate change is a reality. Hurricane Sandy and last year’s drought showed us what the impacts of climate change can do to our communities, to our economy and to our environment. Deficiencies in our water, energy and transportation systems, increasing food prices and water shortages […]

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July Green-Biz Interview: Brian Higgins of Green Home, LLC

“I started this company when I became convinced that green building was simply 21st Century building technology,” says Brian Higgins of Green Home, LLC. “When I look around and see what is happening to our planet, I am constantly reminded that we human beings, as an animal species, as intelligent beings, as a spiritual force, need to do better.” We asked Brian to tell us more about Green Home LLC, energy efficiency, reusable materials, and the evolution of the green economy.

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An Ahh-Haa Moment: Our April Green Biz Interview with Clean Conscience


For Corie and Jerry Thornton, being green is a holistic pursuit. With their reusable bags designed to help you avoid disposables when you go shopping, they’ve also created a business that uses recycled materials for its made-in-the-USA manufacturing. “We are very confident that green is here to stay,” says Corie. “Americans can do a lot domestically to help us move […]

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Local and Organic in Up-State NY (March green-biz interview)

For Erick Smith and Cayuga Pure Organics, it’s important for food to be BOTH organic AND local. Smith points out that while organic products have many pluses for your health and for the environment, most of the organic dry beans in the US were actually grown in China, and incorporate a huge carbon footprint. “Ultimately it is up to consumer to be as sure as possible that they know the connection between the farm and the organic label on the food they buy,” says Smith, whose farm in upstate New York supplies organic beans and grains to the New England area and elsewhere, via online sales. We asked Erick to tell us more about his increasing use of renewable energy, the goal of getting more young people invested in local agriculture, and how a commitment to keep GMOs out of his food supply creates a packaging conundrum…

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Review a Green Business for Your Chance to Win $100 in Recycled-Plastic Kitchen Products


When you register and write a review for any green business listed in the National Green Pages® between now and February 29, you’ll be entered for a chance to win $100 worth of kitchen products and tableware made of 100% recycled plastic from Preserve®, member of Green America‘s Green Business Network™. This prize consists of the Kitchen Starter Set in apple-green (three mixing bowls, […]

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TerraCycle Gives “Unrecyclables” New Life


Wondering how to responsibly dispose of cereal and chip bags, candy wrappers, make-up containers, and other single-use packaging items? Send them to TerraCycle! Founded in 2001, TerraCycle offers national mail-in recycling programs for all kinds of hard-to-recycle plastic waste. The company helps “upcycle” some items like candy wrappers and juice pouches into stronger and longer-lasting incarnations, such as backpacks and […]

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Life Without Plastic (our January 2012 green-biz interview)

Jay and Beth

With backgrounds in law, business ethics, management, biochemistry and ecotoxicology, Chantal Plamondon and Jay Sinha made a life-changing decision after their son was born in 2003. They started looking for ways to reduce their family’s toxin exposure in everyday life, and when they began to discover the problems with everyday plastic, their difficult search for stainless steel or glass baby […]

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December 2011 Green Business Interview:

For the second year in a row, online clothing retailer received enough nominations from its loyal customers to earn a coveted spot among the top-ten green businesses competing for Green America’s People’s Choice Award. As a perennial People’s Choice favorite, seemed the perfect choice for our December interview. Currently based in Los Angeles (but with a possible move to Portland coming in 2012), offers a robust line of eco-friendly fashion: evening wear, intimates, jewelry, swimwear, coats, plus-sizes, and much more. We asked owner Adrienne Catone to tell us more about the Faerie’s Dance name and her side-work as an aerospace engineer…

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