Is Sugar a Poison?

While experts recommend that women limit themselves to 6 tsp. of added sugars and men to 9 tsp., one measly Cinnabon contains 13 tsp.

Several weeks ago, the Green American editorial staff started researching an issue theme centered on sugar. With the labor abuse in the sugar industry and the fact that much of the sugar sold in the US comes from genetically modified sugar beets, we thought we’d have plenty of social and environmental problems to cover. We knew that science has long […]

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TAKE ACTION: Monsanto Protection Act Passes Congress

It’s time to call your members of Congress! Today, Congress took a giant step backward on the genetically modified organism (GMO) front by passing the Continuing Resolution spending bill, which included the “farmer assurance provision,” a rider perhaps more accurately known by anti-GMO activists as “the Monsanto Protection Act.” The provision makes it easier for biotech companies like Monsanto to push their GM seeds into farmers’ hands without proper safety reviews. Under the provision, even if a court of law finds that a given type of GM seeds was approved illegally and may not be safe for human health or the environment, it would not be able to halt the seeds’ sale or planting. The Monsanto Protection Act also forces the USDA to immediately approve any permits for continued planting of GM seeds at the biotech industry’s request. “The US judicial review process serves as a vital check on any federal agency decision that may negatively impact human health, the environment, or the livelihood of farmers,” write our allies at Food Democracy Now. “This provision gives Monsanto and its biotech cohorts a way around the law so it can continue to sell its biotech seeds regardless of the cost to people and the planet. This provision creates a precedent-setting limitation on judicial review and a dangerous assault on fundamental judicial safeguards.” The current version of the CR bill is only good through September, at which point a new spending bill will […]

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Green Your Golf Game: An Interview with Aubrey McCormick

Aubrey McCormick

Our own Aubrey McCormick, Green America’s member services coordinator, rediscovered her passion for professional golf this spring as a contestant on the Golf Channel’s Big Break: Atlantis, where she was very outspoken about bringing her green values to her favorite sport. This reality competition pitted female professional golfers against each other in innovative golf challenges, as each competed for cash […]

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Celebrate a Plastic-Free Earth Day: Watch “Bag It” with Green America and Beth Terry


The Green America editors proclaimed our love for the documentary film Bag It in the recent “Take the Plastic Challenge” issue of the Green American magazine, and now, those of you who haven’t seen it yet can find out what all of our fuss was about. In fact, we’ll be watching it with you—along with other Green Americans from across the country! On Earth […]

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Financial Fast: All Good Things Must End … or Must They?

Well, here we are—the last day of the 21-Day Financial Fast. I remember writing in my original post that it probably wasn’t going to be “fun,” but I have to admit, I was wrong. I truly enjoyed the Fast and felt all throughout that the benefits far outweighed the challenges. Of course, you might not feel as perky about the Fast at first, if impulse spending is one of your personal hurdles. But I really believe that, as is the case with working out, you’ll feel great after you get it done! Here’s what I see as the upside of doing the 21-Day Financial Fast, now speaking from experience: It’s an exercise in gratitude. As I mentioned last week, my main tactic for avoiding an impulse purchase—like an on-the-go bottle of Fair Trade tea or a take-out meal—was to focus on how lucky I am to have what I do. You can’t help but fully embrace your family, your health, your home, and your life when each day includes a meditation on what you’re grateful for. And, I found, once I count my own blessings, it’s much easier to turn my focus away from any unneeded purchases I was tempted to make. The daily gratitude meditation is a practice I’ll continue, even when I’m not about to buy something. It really does change habits. One of the reasons that I wanted to get Michelle Singletary’s 21-Day Financial Fast into the […]

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