Low Sugar Cookie Recipe


Hey Green Americans, remember me? I’m the editor who bragged about kicking her sugar addiction. Well the sugar-free fast is no more. While I don’t eat much sugar nowadays, every once in a while I do break down. I’m not proud. But because of the fast, normal desserts are just too sweet for me. So, instead of making a straight-up […]

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Is Juice Bad for You?

is juice bad for you?

Is juice bad for you? As the New York Times reported last week, the juice craze is in full gear, with juice bars popping up all over the country. You may be hearing talk about this cold pressed juice — full of vitamins, minerals, and veggies that you would never dream of eating, but taste pretty amazing in juice form. […]

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[VIDEO] Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for You?


Are artificial sweeteners bad for you? In the video below, I zoom in on four artificial sweeteners — saccharine, stevia, sugar alcohols and sucralose. I’ll tell you what the research says about their comparative health effects. But What About Aspartame and Neotame? We’ll have more information on 11 different alternative and artificial sweeteners in the next issue of the Green […]

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How to Kick Your Sugar Addiction:


What I learned from forty days and forty nights of sweet, sugar-free living. The next issue of the Green American is on sugar — the health effects of sugar, genetically modified sugar, and fair trade sugar. Tracy, our Editor-in-Chief, asked me to do some foundational research on the health effects. What I found surprised me. It was actually much scarier […]

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