Financial Fast Reflection: Why We Spend

Have you been following or joining in with our 21-Day Financial Fast? I confessed last week that my financial fast has been messy. And although I have not been as disciplined with the fast as I had hoped, my efforts to think more about and cut back on my spending have made me reflect on my spending habits, hopefully in a way that will help me save money while also cultivating a more fulfilling (and cheaper!) life. For me, when I started to look closely at what I was spending, the next natural question was : Why? Remember, we’re not talking about essentials here, like healthy food for you and your family, the medicines that you might need, or the spending necessary to keep your house going. But what about all those little extras? What’s behind some of that extra spending? There’s no doubt that we will all answer that question differently. For me, I’ve discovered that the bulk of my extra spending (which, by the way, is on: coffee, eating out, and little purchases to appease my kids) has one purpose for me: it is a treat.

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Stop “Agent Orange” Corn

corn on the cob

Here at Green America, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our next issue of the Green American, which features a set of articles about the human health and environmental concerns around genetically modified organism (GMO) in our food supply. Among the numerous concerns we discuss in the article is Dow Chemical’s current application to plant a new type of GMO […]

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Financial Fast: Leave the Credit Cards at Home

Last week, Tracy asked: One of the two rules of the Financial Fast is to pay for every necessity you buy with cash, not credit cards. How has this been going for you? Does counting out dollar bills when you go to the store make you more cognizant of the fact that your purchases are having an impact on your finances? I’ll make a confession right away: my financial fast has been messy, and we’ve broken some rules. I planned to walk side-by-side with Tracy as we both embarked on the 21-day financial fast, vowing to spend money only on essentials and forgo using credit cards. And  though I was excited to take on this challenge and use it as a jump-start to organize my financial life, the rest of my life has kind of gotten in the way. A series of events in my family has necessitated a certain amount of travel, and my financial fast went largely off track in exchange for ease during a rough few weeks. But even though I haven’t been hard and true with the fast, my best efforts have definitely taught me about my spending habits, helped me to develop some great alternatives to spending, and start important conversations in our house about budgets. And it’s also taught me about the importance of cash! I’ve been meaning for a while to tuck away my credit and debit cards and start using cash, and […]

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Plastic (free) Monday: Getting BPA Out Of My Kitchen

The Breast Cancer Fund found BPA in all six samples it tested.

Most of us are all too familiar with the dangers of bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been used commonly as an additive in plastic products. BPA, which is an endocrine disruptor linked to an assortment of frightening health effects, including heart disease, reproductive problems, and cancer, started making headlines a few years ago when study after study indicated that BPA can leach […]

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