Summer of Solidarity for Economic Justice


The Summer of Solidarity Tour is a new, innovative approach to building relationships between union activists and local organizations working for economic justice. The Tour is a 17-day, 15-city coast-to-coast grassroots program that will bring together Steelworker local union activists and community groups. The goal is to support local economic justice struggles and to connect them with broader strategies addressing […]

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Another Symbolic House Vote for the Keystone XL

As the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline undergoes its second State Department review, the House of Representatives took yet another vote to try to force the pipeline project to move forward. On May 22, the House voted 241-175 in favor of legislation (H.R. 3) to thwart the President’s decision-making authority on the pipeline and expedite construction. The Administration has yet to announce its position on the pipeline which would further entrench our fossil fuel-based economy. This time around the vote received less Democratic support than past, similar bills on the KXL have garnered. Nineteen Democrats supported the legislation introduced by Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) and one Republican voted “present” rather than for or against the bill. The White House has stated that it would veto the bill were the Senate to pass it. The Senate might defeat the measure if it comes to a vote – yet if it passed the Senate there are not sufficient votes to over-ride a Presidential veto. As reported in the Daily Kos, Oil Change International found that “supporters (of the KXL legislation) have taken six times more campaign contributions from the oil industry than did the opponents, a total of $56 million.”   Green America strongly urges President Obama to act on his commitment to addressing climate change and to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline for the sake of present and future human and environmental health. We haven’t a moment to lose in shifting […]

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White House Leadership Summit on Women, Climate, and Energy

May 23, 2013: Women, Climate, and Energy!

Today Green America participated in the White House Leadership Summit on Women, Climate, and Energy. More than 100 women leaders from across the country gathered in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to share information and strategies for promoting clean energy, cutting carbon emissions, mitigating climate change impacts on the most vulnerable populations, and developing messages and actions that will resonate […]

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Faith Leaders Mobilize on Climate Change

Green Americans Join Interfaith Action on Climate

Yesterday, faith-based leaders, activists and colleagues gathered in Washington, DC for the National Religious Coalition on Creation Care’s (NRCCC) 15th Annual Washington Prayer Breakfast, followed by meetings with policy makers.  Green America staff and members participated in this inspirational gathering focused on climate change and its impacts on the earth and humanity. An interfaith panel of leaders spoke movingly about […]

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Call Your Representative Today! Still NO! on the Keystone XL Pipeline

It’s time to whip out those talking points against the Keystone XL Pipeline yet again — the House is expected to vote, likely this week, on legislation it’s tried to pass before to expedite construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. As with the past House legislation, the Republicans’ goal is to undercut President Obama’s decision-making authority on the pipeline and to try to force the pipeline project to move ahead.  Because the proposed pipeline is an international (US-Canadian) project, it requires approval by the Administration. The measure is anticipated to be fully supported by Republicans and it might garner some Democratic support as well. Fortunately, this push for more fossil fuel is unlikely to advance in the Senate. We need to maintain pressure against the KXL – from concerned individuals, businesses, investors, religious leaders, students, and everyone who recognizes the need to focus our nation on renewable energy development. The pipeline has dire implications for climate change, human health, the environment, and the U.S. economy. Extracting dirty, Canadian tar sands oil, transporting it through the U.S., and exporting much if it via the Texas Gulf Coast is an irresponsible strategy….unless you represent Big Oil. It does not serve the interests of the U.S. public that will have to endure oil spills, health problems, and rising fuel costs in Midwestern states that could lead to increased unemployment. It does not serve the interests of the Cree, Dene and Métis […]

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400 Parts Per Million

Dirty Energy

Last week, NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s leading atmospheric research facility, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, reported that carbon dioxide concentrations have exceeded 400 parts per million in moderate latitudes for the first time in human history. NOAA states that this record: “marks an important milestone because Mauna Loa, as the oldest continuous carbon dioxide (CO2.) measurement […]

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Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference


Green America is an endorser of the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference: We know that climate change is a reality. Hurricane Sandy and last year’s drought showed us what the impacts of climate change can do to our communities, to our economy and to our environment. Deficiencies in our water, energy and transportation systems, increasing food prices and water shortages […]

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2013 Spring Proxy Voting Season is Here!


Calling all shareowners! Spring is the time when the majority of shareholder meetings are held and investors need to vote on key issues facing corporate management. As an investor in direct company stock, you are a part owner of the company and have the responsibility to vote on a wide range of issues facing the company(ies) in which you invest. […]

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Green America’s Response to State Debt. on Keystone XL Pipeline

Following is Green America’s Response to the March 2013 Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) from the U.S. Department of State on the Keystone XL Pipeline: Green America is a national organization with 150,000 individual members and 4,000 business members. We are dedicated to using marketplace mechanisms to solve social and environmental challenges facing our nation, including the challenge of climate change and the need to build a strong, U.S. clean energy economy. Our organization and members are opposed to the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline because of its consequences for human health, our economy, the environment, energy security, and the profound setback it represents for mitigating the global climate crisis. The State Department’s latest SEIS affirms what we have long known — that the tar sands fuel the pipeline would transport generates more greenhouse gas emissions than regular oil. Increases in these emissions have proven, profound implications for the environment and for human health, as documented by the World Health Organization.  The urgent need we face as a nation is to make the shift to a clean energy economy. The Keystone XL Pipeline will further entrench the fossil fuel industry and dangerously delay the development of our domestic, clean, renewable energy sectors. The report also confirms that the job creation potential of the Pipeline will be far less than touted earlier by industry – and that the number of permanent jobs, post construction, is merely thirty-five. We need […]

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