First we march – then we act! Concrete ways to combat climate change today.

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The People’s Climate March—April 29, 2017—is a great way to stand together for people and the planet. But what happens once we kick off our shoes?

One of the most frequent questions we receive from Green Americans is “What can I do about climate change?”

Tune in on Wednesday, May 3 at 2:00 pm ET to Green America’s next Town Hall meeting for powerful steps you can take in your home, with your money, and in your community to address climate change, with these experts:

  • Fran Teplitz, Executive Co-Director for Business, Investing & Policy, Green America
  • Todd Larsen, Executive Co-Director for Consumer & Corporate Engagement, Green America
  • Rebecca Adamson, former director and founder of First Nations Development Institute
  • Camila Thorndike, Carbon Pricing Coordinator, Chesapeake Climate Action Network *

Please RSVP for the climate talk on May 3, 2017:

Panel Bios

Rebecca Adamson

Rebecca Adamson Rebecca Adamson, an Indigenous economist, is former director, former president, and founder of First Nations Development Institute and the founder of First Peoples Worldwide. A leader, activist, and ground-breaking Indigenous woman, Rebecca has a distinct perspective on how Indigenous Peoples’ values and economic systems can transform today’s business models. She utilizes the wisdom and paradigms of Indigenous economics, advocacy, and engagement of corporate social responsibility as tools to catalyze change.

She holds a Masters in Science in Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University (formerly New Hampshire College) in Manchester, New Hampshire, where she has also taught a graduate course on Indigenous Economics within the Community Economic Development Program.

Over the past two decades, Rebecca has received numerous awards for her work with Indigenous Peoples, including the 2004 Schwab Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and a Doctor in Humane Letters degree from Dartmouth College. She is honored in the National Women’s History Project and was chosen in 2013 as one of America’s most influential women as part of the PBS program MAKERS: Women Who Make America.

Camila Thorndike

Camila coordinates CCAN’s campaign to pass “carbon fee and rebate” policy in DC that is fair, simple, and built to last. Experts agree that putting a price on pollution is the #1 climate cure – and Camila has been working for years across the country to make it happen on the ground, including everyone as a stakeholder in the solution.

In 2013, Camila co-founded Our Climate, a grassroots national nonprofit that empowers the next generation of climate leaders to pass strong, fair carbon pricing laws.

After graduating from Whitman College, Camila worked for the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, led outreach for an Arizonan urban planning campaign, and spearheaded engagement for COAL, a musical theater project on fossil fuels. In 2009 she worked with DC youth on energy efficiency in low-income households with the Mayor’s Green Summer Jobs Program.

Camila is a Fellow of the Center for Diversity and the Environment, Sitka Fellow, Udall Scholar, former board member of the Geos Institute and Watershed Management Group, Mic50 awardee, and member of the Young Climate Leaders Network. She’s also a bilingual dual citizen of Chile, with a budding dharma practice and love of good food.

*Mike Tidwell, founder of Chesapeake Climate Action Network was scheduled to speak at this event, but unfortunately can no longer attend. 

Fran Teplitz

Fran Teplitz Fran serves as the Director of Social Investing & Policy at Green America. Green America is a nonprofit membership organization in Washington, DC, that involves consumers, businesses and investors in economic strategies to advance positive social and environmental change. Fran joined the organization in 2000. Fran’s work focuses on socially responsible investing, including community investing and banking as well as shareholder action. She also manages Green America’s role in various coalitions related to sustainable business and economics, climate change, and other policy issues. Fran worked with Peace Action and the Peace Action Education Fund for seven years before joining Green America. Prior to Peace Action, she worked on U.S. policy toward Central America. She holds a Master’s Degree from the Institute for International Peace Studies at the University of Notre Dame and earned her undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis in Political Science.

Todd Larsen

Todd Larsen Todd Larsen is the Executive Co-Director for Green America. He directs Green America’s corporate responsibility and consumer engagement programs. Green America’s corporate responsibility programs educate consumers and investors about the environmental and social records of major companies and encourage them to take action to promote greater responsibility. In addition, Green America provides tools and resources to companies to help consumers, businesses and investors improve their impacts on people and the planet.

Todd also heads up Green America’s Climate Solutions Program which works to end polluting energy sources, map the future for clean energy, and engage Americans as investors in a clean energy future.

Todd is also a Senior Fellow of Green Consumer Trends with Green America’s Center for Sustainability Solutions, where he provides the latest market research and consumer purchasing data to companies to help them see the demand for more responsibly sourced products and services.


  1. I am Thaneswar Upadhaya from Kathmandu, Nepal. Though I am interested to Green this Universe but I can’t be in any programme in US. I am in Lions Club of my country and doing few affords to plant trees. My country has a mixed topography of Mountain, Hills and plan. Our flora and fauna are very unique to the whole world. I must save them.


    Thaneswar Upadhaya

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