Now’s the Time to Come Together

I think we can all agree that this was the most wrenching campaign of modern times.

When it comes to the core issues that you and I work on together through Green America, I think it is fair to say that many of President-elect Trump’s promises on the campaign trail were in direct opposition to creating a green economy.  Most significantly, Donald Trump does not accept that climate change is real, and wants to ramp up coal. His agricultural advisors all support Big-Ag over family farms and local food systems.  He is on record stating he wants to eliminate the EPA.  He does not support policies that will protect our diversity or help the most vulnerable amongst us when it comes to wages or responsible banking.

This is a time to take action. Together, you and I have put the foundations in place for a green economy and made enormous progress over the past three decades. Together, we can continue our progress in the economy for clean energy & climate, sustainable food & agriculture, responsible finance and fair labor, even in the face of gridlock or worse in the national political system.

And, as we’ve done since our founding, with you by our side, Green America will continue its leadership role in working directly with consumers, businesses, and investors to create green economy solutions that don’t rely on Washington.  We’ll use the voice and buying power of our 200,000+ consumers nationwide to encourage companies to be truly green, support the greenest small businesses nationwide, and help companies dramatically change their supply chains to improve labor and environmental conditions worldwide.

Together, we’ll protect the progress we’ve made and advance our important green economy work on:

  • Clean Energy & Climate: Build on the historic Paris Climate Accords by rapidly scaling up clean energy in the US, moving the country away from fossil fuels, significantly reducing methane emissions, and protecting our most vulnerable communities from the impacts of extreme weather events.
  • Sustainable Food & Agriculture: Create a truly sustainable and just food system that uses incentives to move farmers away from destructive farming practices, including GMOs, pesticides, and factory farms towards organic, regenerative agriculture.
  • Small Green Business: Support small green businesses in their roles as job creators and innovators and increasing opportunities for women and minorities to succeed as entrepreneurs.
  • Responsible Finance: Crack down on the abuses of Wall Street, strengthening the role of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and reining in predatory payday lenders.
  • Fair Labor: Reject trade deals (TPP and TTIP) that are bad for people and the planet, increasing the US minimum wage to $15/hour, protecting farm workers, and working to end slave labor in the US and overseas.

So, let’s all take a deep breath and become ever more tenacious about creating an economy that truly works for people and the planet.

Looking forward to continuing our work together.

– Alisa Gravitz, President and CEO, Green America


  1. Thanks for your message. Let’s move on to figure out how to capture the mindful attention of this administration. It has some good and some not so good.

    There needs to be a professional approach to convincing the Trump administration about significant “Green Issues”. One cannot solve world hunger, but chipping away in a professional demeanor can accomplish a lot. If Hillary would have gotten elected who knows what we would have. Would be tough to work with a deceptive demeanor. At least with this administration you specifically know where it stands. With that you have a baseline to work from.

    • From reading your comments and others below, it would lead me to believe that this site is only for narrow minded and opinionated minions not to exclude whiners. I am slow to catch on as I did not know this was a bitch site. So much for professionalism.

  2. Trump is a foul and extremely dangerous sociopath, hate monger and misogynist! Since all of these qualities are completely unnatural, it should have been no surprise that this really sorry excuse of a human being would indeed focus on exorbitant corporate profits instead of environmental protection and sustainability! What else could be expected from a subhuman who is incapable of understanding natural laws and balance!

  3. It will be very difficult to convince Trump that this is a problem, since he is personally invested in the problem and, in fact, stakes his entire identity on it. That being said, mother nature is stronger. And people can change. He will be exposed to much more now than he ever was as a CEO. He may make nothing of it, but if he really wants to be a hero (and he does) he may come around.

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