Tea Time for H2OPE: Host A Party, Give Access to Clean Water

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Numi Tea, a Green Business Network member since February, 2005, is an organic tea company committed to healthy and ethically sourced products, and the building of a thriving global community. During a recent trip to Madagascar, co-founder Ahmed Reem paid an in-depth visit to the 15 co-op farms that grow turmeric. While there he discovered many of the farmers’ families don’t have immediate access to clean water; instead water is lugged from a nearby river and boiled before use.

When Ahmed returned home he began working with co-founder, and sister, Reem Rahim, on a fundraiser to help. The money will fund the drilling of wells for these 15 farms, helping over 200 families gain access to clean water. What they came up with was a unique way to connect these families’ needs to their consumers, through—of course—tea. It’s called Tea Time for H2OPE.

“One of our sales reps actually came up with the idea to have tea party,” says Numi Tea co-founder Reem Rahim. “It’s a way for us to get our tea to our fans and have them invite their friends, enjoy themselves, and have fun and drink the tea. But also get educated about the tea and learn about the tea—and at the same time get educated about the world water crisis and what we’re doing to try and help that.”

Get Involved

So Numi Tea is looking for at least 50 hosts to raise a minimum of $50 each to participate in this fundraising event. Once raised, Numi Tea will send a Tea Time for H2OPE kit to help hosts set up their parties. Kits provide about enough tastings for 50 individuals. Inside, hosts will find everything needed to throw a successful fundraiser: an assortment of teas, party favors, a food-pairing guide, prizes for guests, and more.

The idea coincides with Numi Tea’s long-time commitment to donate 1-percent of net profits to fund projects for clean, safe drinking water. The goal of the fundraiser is to raise $15,000 by World Water Day (March 22, 2016).

“It’s kind of a mix of what we enjoy but take for granted in many ways, which is tea” Says Rahim, “But without clean water tea could not exist; so being able to take that moment and appreciate what you have, while giving back to those who don’t, really is the idea.”

Go here to learn more or start planning your own tea party: http://www.numitea.com/h2ope/teatimeforh2ope/

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