Summer of Solidarity for Economic Justice

SolidarityThe Summer of Solidarity Tour is a new, innovative approach to building relationships between union activists and local organizations working for economic justice. The Tour is a 17-day, 15-city coast-to-coast grassroots program that will bring together Steelworker local union activists and community groups. The goal is to support local economic justice struggles and to connect them with broader strategies addressing unjust corporate power.  The tour starts in Philadelphia, PA on August 17th and concludes in Los Angeles on Labor Day, September 2nd.

Workshops along the tour will include Creative Direct Action, Arts in Action, Organizing Online, Corporate Research & Power Analysis, Women & Workers’ Rights, and more. Renowned singer/songwriter Anne Feeney will also join the Tour, sharing her inspirational music that has infused hope and energy in many struggles for labor rights and economic justice nationally and internationally.  Local groups that are interested in working with the Tour can propose other workshop themes as well that would help build their community organizing efforts.

For more information, to schedule an event, or to make a donation visit:

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