Another Symbolic House Vote for the Keystone XL

As the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline undergoes its second State Department review, the House of Representatives took yet another vote to try to force the pipeline project to move forward. On May 22, the House voted 241-175 in favor of legislation (H.R. 3) to thwart the President’s decision-making authority on the pipeline and expedite construction. The Administration has yet to announce its position on the pipeline which would further entrench our fossil fuel-based economy.

This time around the vote received less Democratic support than past, similar bills on the KXL have garnered. Nineteen Democrats supported the legislation introduced by Rep. Lee Terry (R-NE) and one Republican voted “present” rather than for or against the bill.

The White House has stated that it would veto the bill were the Senate to pass it. The Senate might defeat the measure if it comes to a vote – yet if it passed the Senate there are not sufficient votes to over-ride a Presidential veto.

As reported in the Daily Kos, Oil Change International found that “supporters (of the KXL legislation) have taken six times more campaign contributions from the oil industry than did the opponents, a total of $56 million.”  

Green America strongly urges President Obama to act on his commitment to addressing climate change and to oppose the Keystone XL pipeline for the sake of present and future human and environmental health. We haven’t a moment to lose in shifting to a clean energy economy.

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