Thousands Continue to Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline

Green Americans Say No to K XL

Yes….it’s still a bad idea. It’s time for President Obama to halt the Keystone XL pipeline through our country, and other dirty tar sands pipelines, once and for all. With an additional four years in the White House, President Obama has the opportunity to set our nation on the clean energy path that’s long overdue.

Green Americans joined our colleagues at this past weekend in Washington, DC to send a clear message to the White House: we need to cut our carbon emissions now and reject any permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. President Obama rejected the pipeline in the past – and needs to do so again. Unfortunately, construction is underway on a portion of the pipeline, from Cushing, Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast. At the same time, the State Department is conducting a review of the pipeline’s environmental impacts that include an assessment of the pipeline’s impact on climate change.

Based on what we’ve known for years, an honest assessment of the impacts of continuing our fossil fuel economy and pursuing the KXL can only lead to the conclusion that our nation’s interests are best served by halting this project and developing our domestic clean energy sector.

If you didn’t make it to DC last weekend, you can still send a message to the President via the White House comment line (202- 456-1111). Tell the President: No Keystone XL Pipeline. Conduct a truly comprehensive environmental impact assessment of the Keystone XL and support clean energy now!

Thousands Oppose K XL Pipeline on Nov. 18, 2012



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