Clean Energy Victory Bonds in Clean Technica

CleanTechnica, the number one site in the US for clean tech news, recently published an article by Green America’s Matthew Jennings, touting the benefits of Clean Energy Victory Bonds. It focuses on the importance of extending the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and how devastating it would be to wind power companies and workers if it were to expire at the end of this year. The US would lose thousands of manufacturing and installation jobs, which would put the US even further behind in the clean technology race. Wind manufacture and installations have been booming in the past 5 years, but without the tax credit, all of the investments put into developing this vital clean energy industry would be in peril. The post also questions the prevalence of subsidies for pollution-filled energy industries like coal and natural gas, when we are literally starving innovative energy solutions like wind and solar. Matt argues that Clean Energy Victory Bonds would shift the focus away from fossil fuels and toward natural energy resources that are free and abundant.

Thanks to CleanTechnica for posting the article, please visit their website for hundreds of other interesting articles about clean technology.

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