Tell Congress to Save the Production Tax Credit

Here’s a way for you to take action — today — to strike a blow against climate change.

A major driver of the growth of wind power in the United states, the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC) is in jeopardy. It’s set to expire by the end of this year, unless it is renewed by Congress. A December 2011 study found that preserving the PTC will save or create 54,000 jobs in 2013, on top of the climate benefits of supporting wind.

Tell Congress to extend the PTC today »

After the devastating storms, heatwaves, and wildfires making news this summer, we need to put the climate-crisis conversation — and the steps to mitigate it — back on the table, front and center. While setbacks, including the lack of national carbon legislation and the lack of progress in Copenhagen and Rio, have left many feeling defeated and discouraged, we can’t let setbacks stop us from taking action.

The climate crisis is only deepening.  Pushing Congress to support renewable energy and move our country away from its addiction to fossil fuels is key. And there’s still good news: an amendment giving the KXL pipeline the green light as part of the recently passed transportation bill was defeated, and an appeals court unanimously ruled the EPA has the right to address carbon as a pollutant. And thousands of Green Americans helped send a record number of comments to the EPA showing your support for strict carbon limits.

Let’s do it again. Let’s send a record number of comments to Congress demanding that the renewable energy Production Tax Credit stay in place.


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