Shareowners and Diverse Stakeholders Seek Change at BofA

Today is the annual meeting of Bank of America in Charlotte, NC and it’s a lively one – inside and outside the meeting. Concerned shareholders and community groups, labor, environmental activists, foreclosure victims, and others in the 99% have been organizing to make their voices heard by corporate management and by people throughout the nation.

Socially responsible shareowners are promoting shareholder resolutions addressing political spending by Bank of America as well as its mortgage lending policies. Several of the big banks face resolutions this spring on their lending policies, as Green America’s Proxy Voting Recommendations highlight.

The financial crisis brought on in large part by the greed and misconduct of the mega-banks continues to threaten our nation’s economy as a whole. The role that bailed-out banks are playing continues to endanger our communities – especially low-to-moderate income neighborhoods and communities of color. The big banks’ political contributions and lobbying also continue to erode our democracy. But the public is fighting back and will do so for as long as it takes:    To leave your mega-bank and switch to a community development bank or credit union visit:


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