TELL SOUTHERN: Invest in Wind Energy for the South

We’re fed up with Southern Company.

The Georgia-based electric utility is one of the worst polluters in the US, and yet it has consistently obstructed and delayed the development of affordable clean energy that would create thousands of good green jobs in the southeastern US.

Southern Company has actively blocked state legislation to promote solar energy and has delayed the development of offshore wind on Georgia’s coast for FIVE YEARS NOW — even though Southern Company’s own research demonstrates that wind energy would benefit the the company, electric ratepayers, and the environment. At the same time Southern Company operates the three largest carbon-polluting plants in the US and wants to build the first new nuclear power plants in 30 years.

Enough is enough: Tell Southern Company to invest in wind »

South Carolina utility Santee Cooper is looking for investors for its trail-blazing Palmetto Wind Project which seeks to install nearly 80 MW of offshore wind off the coast of South Carolina. This regional approach to the development of offshore wind will allow Southern Company to quickly offer its customers wind-generated power, and by partnering with Santee Cooper, Southern Company could learn more about how to offer even more offshore wind energy for its customers in Georgia.

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