More Tar Sands Pipelines Planned – Opposition Grows

The fate of the Keystone XL pipeline remains uncertain in Congress as the House and Senate disagree on including the pipeline in the Transportation Bill to which it has been attached by the House. At the same time, TransCanada is promoting the Oklahoma to Texas portion of the project which many ranchers and families oppose.

To express your support for local families and landowners and your opposition to any and all branches of the K XL visit: 

Other tar sands pipelines are also receiving increased attention – and opposition:

The Northern Gateway Pipeline, proposed by Enbridge Inc., a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, would cross approximately 50 First Nations territories and 1,000 rivers and streams as it moves crude oil 727 miles from the Alberta, Canada tar sands to the Pacific Coast for foreign markets. The potential damage to human health, the well-being of First Nation communities, and the environment is profound. To safeguard their future, the Yinka Dene Alliance, a coalition of First Nations in British Columbia, is organizing a Freedom Train, departing today from Jasper, Alberta to Toronto. Freedom Train participants will then attend Enbridge’s annual shareholder meeting on May 9 to assert that the company will not be allowed to build its pipelines through First Nations’ territories.

The Alliance states: “It doesn’t matter what technical safety measures that Enbridge promises, or how much money they are willing to offer. We simply will not allow our communities to be placed at this risk, and we will use all lawful means available to ensure that this tar sands pipeline and tanker project, or others like it in future, are not built in our territories.”

To follow Freedom Train developments visit:

In addition, Big Oil is also promoting the Enbridge Line 9 Reversal tar sands pipeline, also known as the Trailbreaker pipeline, from Eastern Canada to New England. The pipeline would carry tar sands oil approximately 750 miles from Ontario and Quebec across Vermont, New Hampshire, and into Maine. The oil would then be sold from Maine’s Casco Bay. Again – the impacts on and risks to local communities, waterways, and the broader environment cannot be overstated. For more information on this New England tar sands pipeline, visit:

What we need is a clean energy economy! Go to Green America’s new Clean Energy Victory Bonds website and pledge your support for renewable energy and efficiency!




  1. Enbridge is also invested in the Seaway Crude Oil Pipeline, and hoping to ship tar sands crude through it to the Gulf Coast beginning this month.
    Please help us stop its final permit by signing, before this coming weekend, the petition below.
    Thanks for standing up against ALL tar sands pipelines!

    go to:

  2. Thank you for the additional information. Yes, we neeed to oppose all tar sands crude oil pipelines.


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