Fast Company: A leader in using recycled paper

Fast Company magazine is at the forefront of business innovation and progress, so it’s no surprise that they use recycled paper – an environmentally sustainable decision that sets them apart from the majority of the magazine industry.

“Fast Company: Obstacles and Opportunities” gives an in-depth look into how this magazine is leading the way in eco-friendly print publishing.  In our 3-minute video from the Better Paper Project, Fast Company’s Managing Editor, Allegra Lagani, shares how her magazine transitioned to recycled paper and improved its reputation with its readers and advertisers.

In the video, Allegra comments, “Sustainability is one of the core areas that Fast Company focuses on, so in order to practice what we preach, we need to use recycled paper.”

The process of switching to recycled paper taught Fast Company that the myths about recycled paper being lower quality than virgin paper are no longer true. As Allegra said, “I think a lot of the limitations are from years ago before the world of recycled paper had been explored.”

If the entire North American magazine industry included a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper in their publications, we would save:

  •     Over 10 million trees
  •     7 billion gallons of wastewater and
  •     Over 1.5 billion pounds of CO2 (the equivalent of removing over 160,000 cars from the road).

While 97% of the magazine industry still uses virgin fiber paper, Fast Company provides progressive business leaders with engaging news and editorials on recycled paper that protects forests, climate and communities.

The video can be found on our website or on YouTube.

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  1. Yes! it’s a great idea for all readers to encourage the magazines they subscribe to to use recycled paper.

    And, please reward magazines that are using recycled paper already. Here’s a list of publications that use recycled papers:

    You can take our simple action to tell publishers who are doing the right thing that you appreciate their efforts:

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