24-Hour Petition Against the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Not surprisingly, but unfortunately, Congressional efforts continue to try to “resuscitate” and fast-track a new decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. Green America strongly opposes bills that have been introduced in the Senate and House to wrest authority on this issue from the President and hand it over to the Congress or to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Postponing action on the pipeline pending a better understanding of its consequences was a move in the right direction by President Obama last month. A final impact report, with any integrity, will have to conclude the pipeline is a bad idea. Let’s move forward now with developing our domestic, renewable energy industries!

Join Green America and our coalition partners at 350.org and many other organizations in signing a 24-hour petition to the Senate: No Keystone XL Pipeline! You can sign the petition and add your own message as well against dirty tar sands oil extraction and in support of investment in US renewable energy industries! Go to:  350.org/kxl

The pipeline has dire implications for climate change, human health, the environment, and the economy. Extracting dirty, Canadian tar sands oil, transporting it through the U.S., and exporting much if it via the TexasGulfCoastis an irresponsible strategy….unless you represent Big Oil. It does not serve the interests of the U.S.public that will have to endure oil spills, health problems, and rising fuel costs in Midwestern states that could lead to increased unemployment. It does not serve the interests of the Cree, Dene and Métis indigenous communities that now endure the consequences of tar sands extraction. Take action today at 350.org/kxl

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