Dirt Rag, Greenability, and Grit Win Environmental Award for Magazines

Green America and Aveda are honored to present the top leaders in sustainable magazine publishing by announcing this year’s winners of the 2012 Aveda Environmental Award for Magazines.

Dirt Rag, a leading mountain bike magazine, was the Aveda Environmental Award Winner; Greenability, Kansas City’s green living magazine, was the Runner Up; and GRIT, America’s rural lifestyle magazine, was the Finalist. All three magazines demonstrate industry leadership on environmental publishing practices.

How much is at stake if magazines get greener? If the entire North American magazine industry included a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper in their publications, it would save approximately:

– 1.5 million tons of wood, or the equivalent of 10 million trees;

– 6.6 million BTU’s of energy, or the equivalent of heating 73 thousand homes;

– 1.8 billion pounds of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of taking 160 thousand cars off the road;

– 7 billion gallons of wastewater, or the equivalent of 5 thousand swimming pools;

– And 780 million pounds of solid waste, or the equivalent to 28 thousand garbage trucks.

For a more comprehensive list of magazines using recycled paper and sustainable production processes visit Green America’s Better Paper Project website: http://betterpaper.ning.com/page/better-papers-better-magazinecom .

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