Occupy K St. Protesters Says Yes to Community Development Banking

As part of “Occupy the Capitol” this week, protesters right now are taking over the K St. corridor where many mega-banks and corporate lobbyists are headquartered, a few blocks from the White House. The mood is vibrant and upbeat. A diverse group people of people chant in English and Spanish, in the rain, and occupy the large intersection of K and 16th Sts., NW.

Green America staff joined the demonstration, distributing our new Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Wallet Cards. The wallet-size cards provide tips for finding a community development bank or credit union, switching to a greener credit card, and others ways to green one’s finances. And of course the card directs people to our free Break Up With Your Mega-Bank Tool Kit.

Speaking with one woman about the card, she told me, “Yes, yes, this time I will really do it!” Another person told me, “I’m an economist and I saw all of this coming. I left my big bank in 2008. I use a credit union.” Another protester who took a card affirmed: “This is good, this is what we need.”

We do have choices about how we bank – and we do have the power to influence where our houses worship, alma maters, and others institutions that we are part of do their banking. Take action today! Join with Green Americans who have moved their money to financial institutions that genuinely support low-to-moderate income communities and that adhere to environmental principles throughout their operations. The 99% can make a huge difference through community development banking!

(Photos by Denise Hamler.)


  1. It’s great the Green America is providing some specific actions that individuals can do that amplify the impact of the Occupy movement.

  2. Alghanim pura Team laai dhanyabad din chaaahanchhu hajurharule jun kam garirakhanu bhayeko chha yo kuwait basi haruko lagi udaran banna pugeko chha yasai gari sabai kuwait basi nepali daju bhai didi bahini harule pani sahayog garun ra garnu parchha bhanna chaaahanchhu. Dhanyabad Hajurharulai.Dharma Raj Giri

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