Forget Black Friday. This Year, Let’s Wait for Green Tuesday

The Holiday season is upon us, and that means we’re being bombarded with commercials for the latest toys, gadgets, and thousands of other “must-haves” for this year.  Rather than join the crowds on Black Friday, why not wait a bit and start your holiday season on what Green America calls “Green Tuesday” the week after Thanksgiving.  We’re encouraging all Americans to use Green Tuesday as the start of a holiday season that supports local, green, and Fair Trade purchases for the holidays.

As Green Americans know, instead of buying a scarf or tie from a sweatshop oversees, it’s better to give that special someone unique clothing made locally or by a women’s cooperative.   Rather than buying a toxic toy, you can get cool non-toxic wooden toys for that little tot on your list.  For the person who has everything, why not a gift certificate to a local organic restaurant, or “gift certificate” from you to provide baby sitting or pet sitting?  Our Web site has great tips on making your holidays green.

If you’re looking for that perfect green gift, Green America has several resources to help you out:

  • Our Green Deals program has a different holiday gift deal every day from November 29 to December 6.
  • Our Green Pages Online is filled with great gift ideas – from fair trade, to food, to toys.
  • Our Holiday Green Gift Guide has discounts from a wide range of businesses in our Green Pages.

Once you get started gifting green and local, it gets easier to find something great for everyone. So, why not use the time between Thanksgiving and the following Tuesday to make your list of who you want to give presents to, and then start your sustainable purchasing on Tuesday the 29th?

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  1. Wonderful and useful information! Always good to evaluate how others are helped or not helped when I spend money. I am working on this…thanks for sharing, I have shared this with my twitter and FB peeps!

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