November 17 Day of “Occupy” Actions – Another Reminder to Break Up with Your Mega-Bank and Green Your Finances!

November 17 is a national day of action ( focused on the need to create an economy that works for “the 99%” of the public. Actions are taking place from coast-to-coast at bridges, parks, and local buildings to demonstrate the need to repair crumbling infrastructure, fix schools, and prevent more foreclosures. Green America supports the peaceful and creative actions that have been underway in public spaces, and we condemn the violent police actions and efforts by cities to close down “Occupy” ( gatherings. Many of our government officials were pleased to see people power manifest in Tahrir Square…but not in New York City, Oakland, and other U.S. cities.

We need to continue telling the mega-banks that we won’t be part of their greed and exploitation any longer. A great way to send this message is by breaking up with your mega-bank if you still have accounts in one – and telling the bank why. There are many community development banks that can meet your needs – while providing economic uplift to marginalized communities. It’s easy to break up with your mega-bank using Green America’s toolkit ( which includes a sample list of green banks and credit unions likely to match your values. There’s even a sample “Dear John” letter to send your mega-bank saying why the relationship is now off! If you need a financial planner or advisor to help with your overall financial life, the kit also has contact information for networks of financial professionals dedicated to socially and environmentally responsible investing.

Even if you can’t get to an “Occupy” event – you can join the movement by moving your bank accounts to financial institutions dedicated to people and the planet.

Categories: community investing, SRI

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