Businesses nationwide say NO to the Keystone XL

Today Green America’s director of strategic outreach, Fran Teplitz, joined a delegation to deliver a business leaders’ letter to the White House concerning the Keystone XL pipeline. The letter outlined the need to halt plans for this crude oil pipeline, that would extend from Alberta, Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast, and instead to invest in a clean energy economy. The letter remains open for business signers:

The letter was organized by the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), ( of which Green America is a founding member. ASBC’s executive director attended the meeting as well as’s ( policy director. A number of other networks helped generate business signers, including New Voice of Business, the Green Chamber of Commerce, World Business Council, and others.

More than 800 business leaders signed the letter, attesting to the widespread opposition among small businesses nationally to this dangerous fossil fuel project. A representative from the White House Office of Public Engagement received the letter and noted the importance of hearing this perspective from businesspeople. Green America’s Green Business Network members were among the letter’s signatories. On November 10, 2011 the Administration announced that it would not move forward with the KXL until an additional environmental impact statement is conducted:

Green America’s meeting today provided an important opportunity to underscore the need for an unbiased, in-depth study which we believe can only lead to the conclusion not to construct this pipeline.

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