Push Hershey to take action on Fair Trade by Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, chocolate companies are poised to rake in the profits from consumers stocking up for trick-or-treating. This is precisely the moment that Hershey does not want a public relations disaster, so our Raise the Bar, Hershey! campaign is pulling out all the stops.

We’ve teamed up with Change.org, an online platform for social change, to send targeted messages about Fair Trade to five of Hershey’s top executives. We’ve already recruited more than 47,000 signers, but we need more! Please sign our petition today!

Change.org made this timely video to illustrate what’s wrong with Hershey’s chocolate, and to inspire everyone to sign the petition and not buy Hershey chocolate. Watch now and please share with your friends this Halloween!

Also, this weekend, Raise the Bar, Hershey! supporters will be leading three simultaneous actions in front of the Hershey stores in New York City, Chicago, and Niagara Falls, collecting more petition signers and letting consumers know about the child labor issues that plague Hershey’s chocolate. To join one of these actions, please e-mail our Fair Trade Director, Elizabeth O’Connell.

Finally, next Tuesday, Elizabeth will drive directly to Hershey’s headquaters in Pennsylvania to deliver the signed petitions to company representatives in person. Right now is the moment to turn up the heat on Hershey.

Please sign our petition telling Hershey to commit to
buying Fair Trade certified chocolate »

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