Congrats to Green America’s Climate Riders

Thanks to all Green Americans who rode in this fall’s California Climate Ride, October 2 – 6, from Eureka to San Francisco.  Climate Riders raised money for climate-focused organizations; raised awareness of climate issues as they pedaled through communities, and rallied at the ride’s conclusion; and reminded onlookers along the route that we can burn calories and not carbon by choosing to ride a bike.  

Green American Scott Warner sends us his first-person account of the ride, as published by Novato Patch Media.  It’s a great read.  Check out what Scott has to say:

Although we knew there was a chance of rain on this ride, not one of us really believed that our typical beautiful and warm California early fall weather wouldn’t prevail. On that, we  miscalculated.

The misfortune of the weather, however, brought out a different feeling from what would have normally been a beautiful, though still difficult and hilly, cycling trip through the Humboldt Redwoods, along the Mendocino coast, up the Russian River and through part of the Sonoma Wine Country, and the along the dramatic Marin cliff-side vistas eventually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

The misfortune brought out the tenacity, collegiality and toughness of a group of cyclists from all around the country who each came with their own level of cycling abilities. Some had just started riding two months ago, and others had been riding for more than 40 years. We were all there because we believed in the cause to better our world by advocating for more progress in clean alternative transportation, for clean alternative energy, for sustainable living and agricultural practices. We were not about to let the climate, of all things, put a damper on our spirit and cause us to give in. Instead, I believe we were motivated even more to continue our mission.

Go read the whole thing »

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