Cyclists Faster Than a Plane in CA

The recent temporary shut-down of interstate 405 in California prompted a range of responses from those who normally depend on highway driving for their commutes.  When JetBlue began offering cheap — and wasteful, and carbon-intensive — flights across the city from Long Beach to Burbank, a group of intrepid cyclists took to the streets to demonstrate the superiority of burning calories over burning carbon.  From the NPR report: 

The flights inspired a group of cyclists to challenge JetBlue to a race. Members of the Wolfpack Hustle planned to peddle on a roughly 40-mile route starting near the Burbank airport to see whether they or a JetBlue passenger will reach Long Beach first.

Cycling advocates said they hope to show that gridlock can be avoided without using a car or plane.

“Everyone’s freaking out about car traffic around the 405, bicycling represents a very viable alternative,” cyclist Gary Kavanagh said.

The result?  Leaving their homes at the same time as a blogger who intended to run the security gauntlet at the airport and catch a flight, the cyclists arrived at their destination before the flight even took off.  

To make your own bike-related climate statement in California this fall, consider joining Green America on the Climate Ride, October 2 – 6, from Eureka to San Francisco.

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