Big Plastic Sues ChicoBag

You know ChicoBag, right? They’re the company that makes the reusable bags that fold up so tiny you can keep them in a purse or briefcase or glove compartment.

They’re being sued by three giant plastic-bag manufacturers for claiming – and this is a direct quote from the lawsuit – that reusable bags are “superior to plastic bags … with regard to environmental impact.” The lawsuit seeks to shut down all of ChicoBag’s advertising of why reusable bags represent an “alleged environmental superiority” over use-and-toss plastic bags.

Unbelievable. We did a little digging and discovered that the same plastic-bag companies behind the ChicoBag lawsuit are behind an ongoing misinformation campaign in Oregon (where lawmakers are considering a state-wide plastic bag ban).  Green America’s new editorial on this topic began appearing in newspapers nationwide on May 16.   Please help us distribute it widely.

Categories: green business

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